Dropped iPhone 5 Into Septic Tank Today

I work at a septic tank cleaning company in Hollywood, FL. I usually use my iPhone 4s to take pictures of the work being completed and the inside of the septic tank. Yea I know risky business, but I do have the lifeproof case and this thing has held up for over a year. Well I was doing a pumpout at a house went to take a picture of the inside of the tank and the hose jumped and knocked the phone into the bottom.

Me looking for the phone.

Inside of the tank with my helpers phone.septic pumping hollywood fl
Well we scoured that tank from front to back and couldn’t find it. I think it got sucked up.
For Those Of You That Don’t Know What A Septic Tank Is
A septic system is basically the process by which household waste (sewage) is disposed. The sewage enters the septic tank into a liquid environment. This liquid environment is where bacteria breaks down the solids into liquid. The liquefied substance exits into a leaching system that allows seepage back into the ground.

This system is designed to handle all of the ordinary waste production in a household. The size of the system should be large enough accommodate the needs of the dwelling. A system should be large enough to allow adequate detention time (time it takes to breakdown waste)with as much separation as possible . It should also allow for as little scum and sludge carry-over as possible. all of this will prolong the life of the leeching system.

This system is reliable and sanitary. But like any other system, it does require regular upkeep. The settlements left from the breakdown process will accumulate. The accumulation leads to a build up of sludge that needs to be pumped. A thorough cleaning when needed will prevent problems in the system. Enlisting the help of a professional service to perform this service is vitally important. Companies that are trained in this area will not only be able to clean the system but can guide you in the appropriate measures needed to keep the system working at its best.

The failure to get the system pumped and cleaned can later lead to problems. It can cause the pipes to backup into the house. It can cause the leeching field to be clogged making it necessary to replace or enlarge it. Any of these problems will not only make a huge mess, but will cost you money. That’s why having your system cleaned periodically is so important. It saves hassle and money in the long run.

To prevent later problems, it is advisable to seek the input of septic tank professionals that can diagnose potential hazards and perform necessary upkeep. If you don’t know when your system was last pumped, it may be a good idea to have it checked as soon as possible. If you wait until a problem arises, it may very well cost you more than what you’d pay for preventative measures.

Apple VS Samsung: Smartphone War

The war between Smartphone giants is hardly over as Apple and Samsung continue to compete outside courts, when they fight over Smartphone and tablet buyers. Samsung has taken the Smartphone competition to the next level with its latest Galaxy SIII.This was the top selling model in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Now, Samsung is getting close to Apple in terms of shares of profits. In the third quarter of 2012, both Apple and Samsung shared in 98% of profits in the whole mobile phone industry. Apple’s share is 52% while Samsung’s share is 47%.Strong Points of Both Companies• Apple

Apple has an iconic brand and a powerful portfolio in the high end market. Though consumers know that other brands have their own special features, they feel loyal to the iPhone and are familiar with it.

• Samsung

Samsung, likewise, has a strong brand, good pricing, exceptional component sourcing, and strong worldwide distribution. This is because they manufacture their own components. Its product portfolio covers all areas.

How Did The Patent Dispute Start?

The dispute can be traced back to January 2007 upon the introduction of iPhone. In a lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung in 2011, Apple claims that a few years after the iPhone has been released, Samsung created iPhone clones, which ripped off the designs and technology of Apple. In addition to this, Apple said that Samsung did it again after the release of the iPad. In response, Samsung filed a counter-suit against Apple for patent infringement.

Apple’s Evidence

Apple presented comparisons between the graphics and icons of the two companies. Also, they presented documents and emails that show Samsung closely studying the iPhone, knowing that it had inferior handsets. Apple shows proof that Samsung was trying to copy the iPhone.

Samsung’s Evidence

Samsung disputed the claims of Apple, saying that similar technology existed before the iPhone was introduced.

Disadvantages of the Dispute

• Apple is a premium customer of components. Now, for Samsung to remain on top, it has to invest in a huge amount in R&D but they can’t do that by merely selling to its own mobile phones.

• Apple buys good quality components from Samsung. Component from other suppliers may not be as reliable. In fact, this was evident in problems with recent displays.


Clearly, if ties between Apple and Samsung completely worsen, this could have negative repercussions on both companies. This would only work to the advantage of other competitors.